The Windamere Hotel

The Windamere Hotel

It is "One of the three Jewels of the Raj", said a celebrated travel writer of The Windamere Hotel. Established in the 19th century as a cozy boarding house for bachelor English and Scottish tea planters, it was converted into a hotel just before the outbreak of the Second World War. Well known to sophisticated travellers the world over, the Windamere is famous for its unique ambience and charm, and has been the subject of many leading stories in the international media.

During the first National Awards Ceremony for outstanding hotels in India, the Prime Minister presented Windamere Hotel with a coveted award for its excellence as a Heritage Hotel of India.

Windamere is the original "Heritage House of the Himalayas". It is situated on Observatory Hill, a Darjeeling landmark, believed to be the focus and repository of life-enhancing cosmic energies.

Conference Facilities

In elegant surroundings, is an ideal location for Board, and senior management meetings. It offers a setting that is private and intimate, where camaraderie comes easily, and people speak as friends. In recent times, the Centre has provided a meeting place for notable organizations, including blue-chip Indian conglomerates (Board Meetings and Sr. Management Conferences), Foreign Banks (Board Meetings and Regional Conferences), and major International Airlines (Regional Conferences of Sr. Management).

The Centre’s Fred Pinn Lecture Room seats 40 people; The Henry Carpenter Conference Room seats 20; the Pinnell Board Room seats 10 to 16 people; the Rhodes Hall seats 60; and the Directors’ Lounge is for 10 to 12 senior executives.


The food is legendary, with both Continental and Indian menus. The Continental cuisine still has remnants of the old Raj with such dishes as "Roly Poly Pudding", "authentically prepared porridge for breakfast" and "cheese & onion pie". You can wash this down with our lovely wines and finish up with a cup of steaming Darjeeling Tea or freshly ground coffee. During dinner, the dining room is transformed into a candlelit affair, with soft music floating around in the ether. White-gloved waiters seem to glide in and around the tables and soft conversations are flowing.

The DHR Club

The Windamere sponsors The DHR Club, which is located on its Snuggery grounds. Although founded by and for railway enthusiasts, visitors with varying interests outside railways have sought admission in recent years to the club’s amenities. The club now welcomes to its fellowship, and provides a congenial meeting place, to the following: railway enthusiasts; explorers; mountaineers; geographers; naturalists; botanists; and zoologists.

The Club has a library and provides facilities for viewing films. It is housed in a 19th century stone cottage that is one of Darjeeling’s oldest buildings.

Glimpses of the Hotel